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Hard Times, A Longman Cultural Edition
Charles Dickens
Tremendous Trifles
G. K. Chesterton
"Симпсоны" как философия: Эссе
Mark T. Conard, Aeon J. Skoble, William Irwin
Лекции по зарубежной литературе
Vladimir Nabokov
Пробуждающаяся наука. Математика Древнего Египта, Вавилона и Греции
Иван Веселовский, B.L. Van Der Waerden
Letters Written by Lord Chesterfield to His Son
Philip Dormer Stanhope
Clarissa, or, the History of a Young Lady
Samuel Richardson, Angus Ross
Surprised by Joy
C.S. Lewis
A Bit on the Side
William Trevor
Ojos de perro azul
Gabriel García Márquez

The League of Frightened Men

The League of Frightened Men - Rex Stout, Robert Goldsborough This is one of the earlier books in the NW canon, and it is in some respects not everything the later ones would be.
Wolfe is already all of himself, but Archie is immature, he is not yet so tough and smart as he will become. And because talking to Archie is one of the best pleasures the NW books afford, you'll miss some good things.
But the mystery itself is remarkable, very well thought out and developed, and I just can't in conscience give this less than 4 stars.