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Hard Times, A Longman Cultural Edition
Charles Dickens
Tremendous Trifles
G. K. Chesterton
"Симпсоны" как философия: Эссе
Mark T. Conard, Aeon J. Skoble, William Irwin
Лекции по зарубежной литературе
Vladimir Nabokov
Пробуждающаяся наука. Математика Древнего Египта, Вавилона и Греции
Иван Веселовский, B.L. Van Der Waerden
Letters Written by Lord Chesterfield to His Son
Philip Dormer Stanhope
Clarissa, or, the History of a Young Lady
Samuel Richardson, Angus Ross
Surprised by Joy
C.S. Lewis
A Bit on the Side
William Trevor
Ojos de perro azul
Gabriel García Márquez

Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen

Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen - Lois McMaster Bujold Dull: even everyone's favourite spoiler made only for a "So what?" reaction. No story, no conflict, no anything.
Badly written: not that Bujold's style was exactly streamlined before, but at least in previous books she'd stopped short of overloading the text with obviousness.
Wish I hadn't read this.